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Below is a list of internet schools that present credited web based Degrees.

Below is a listing of on-line programs. Pick from the menu the one which meets your requirements.

Jones International University

Jones International University - provides 100% via internet degrees meant for fully recognized, respected programs in the field of instruction and small business.

Upper Iowa University

Upper Iowa University - is known as a acknowledged leader in the delivery of accredited, quality education.






Online Colleges Course
is known for a mixture of on the web schools with accredited degrees. These degrees extend from associate degree, bachelor programs, master degrees, certificates, and diplomas. Therefore if you are seeking for graduate or undergraduate degrees you can locate them at this time.

University of Phoenix
Walden University
Capella University
Rasmussen College Online
Lincoln College Online
Ashford University
Colorado Technical University
Devry University
Florida Tech
Liberty University
National American
Post University

Associate Degrees: Associate Levels are normally two-year courses planning the graduate for an entry-level status or employment upgrade within a career/technical field (AAS), or intended for transferring en route for a four-year course of learning (AA or AS).

Bachelor Degrees: Bachelor Levels are typically 3-4 year degrees preparing the graduate in support of a higher-level title or employment upgrade inside your present job or technical subject (BS or BA), or for transferring to a master degree curriculum of learning.

Master Degrees: Master programs or Graduate programs come in all sorts with the majority being MBA (Master of Business Administration). These programs are geared in the direction of getting you into management or upgrading your existing job. Master degree programs in addition include MIS, MS, MED, as well as various other majors.

Doctoral Degrees: A Doctoral program is the utmost point of education a individual would be able to obtain. This is the subsequent move after your Masters program. You will find quite a few schools that offer accredited on-line doctoral degrees.

Certificate Programs: Certificate courses fluctuate from an undergraduate certificate to a graduate certificate (masters certificate) So based on what type of certificate you are searching for we possess it listed below the certificate link on the left.

Diploma Programs: Diplomas in addition to certificates are a tiny proportion of the expense of a degree. Online courses are the same as on-campus or in-classroom, and are generally taken wholly on line through the Internet or via distance instruction.